Form a Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program (STRTP)

Under new California legislation, youth care facilities need to take specific steps to ensure that their short-term residential therapeutic program adheres to state regulations. MVP Consulting Group walks you through the process of STRTP formation.

In California, new legislation known as the Continuum of Care Reform Act has required the California Department of Social Services to implement regulation standards to youth residential treatment facilities. Facility staff will now be required to integrate treatment, youth goals, therapy efficiency, billing for Medi-Cal services, and documentation into one unified process.

These provisions have transformed group home organizations into an entity called STRTP.

An STRTP program becomes a “one-stop shop” consisting of three main components: assessment, short-term residential treatment, and aftercare.

STRTPs vs. Group Homes

Group homes were previously considered long-term housing for displaced youths. They often did not provide specialized or individualized treatment to residents. Staff would direct young people based on their personal views and did not necessarily have to help with finding placements for the children in their care.

STRTPs were created to bridge the mental health treatment gaps found in group homes. In these programs, children who cannot safely be placed with a family may receive specific, intensive care plans. Housing terms tend to last between six months and one year. The therapeutic interventions provided at a STRTP support a child’s transition to a family.

The primary focus of a STRTP includes:

  • Family reunification
  • Stabilizing high-risk youth
  • Increase access to services (therapy, case management)
  • Serving as a family resource
  • Providing AB12/THP housing

They provide high-quality, short-term, intensive mental health services. Treatment is focused on behavioral stabilization and skill development. Permanency and aftercare help residents to develop skills, manage challenging behaviors, restore permanent family connections, and strengthen community ties.

MVP Consulting Group’s Proven Process to Starting a STRTP

Our firm offers a very comprehensive STRTP service line and aids you at every step of the process. 

Our step by step process includes:

MVP Consulting Group will aid in establishing your organization as a non-profit entity through the Secretary of State and guide you through the board selection process.

Author and develop Plan of Operations and Program Statement which are organizational documents that get submitted as part of the application process to a designated county in which you will open your STRTP.

You will have the opportunity to meet in depth with our financial consulting team to create and build an STRTP budget highlighting expected expenses and revenue through a forecasted period.
MVP will assist you in submitting the necessary documentation required for the county of your choosing to obtain a letter of approval. There is typically a 30-45 day lead time from submitting a completed application to obtaining a letter of approval from the county. MVP is here to assist you in all aspects of the county approval process.
MVP will aid you in securing a physical location for your STRTP and ensure that zoning and STRTP home regulations are in compliance.

We can aid in staffing your STRTP for key positions that include: Executive Director, Head of Service, Program Administrator, Support Staff.

MVP Consulting Group has a vast network of behavioral health providers that can be pulled from in order to staff your STRTP quickly and with outstanding talent.

Through this step in the process, MVP Consulting Group will have equipped your organization with the necessary tools and resources to receive your Provisional STRTP License. Congratulations, your STRTP can open its doors!
MVP will develop and submit your Mental Health Program Application (MHPA) to the state health department. This set of documents dives deeper into how your STRTP will administer treatment while highlighting the types of therapeutic modalities your STRTP will use to deliver this treatment. This is a vital step in the process as it enables your STRTP to receive a Medi-Cal Certification.

We will aid your organization in obtaining full accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). This is also a requirement of all STRTP organizations.

Through the accreditation process, MVP Consulting Group will develop custom policies and procedures in accordance with the accrediting body standards, conduct education and training sessions with the client, and conduct mock surveys to prepare the client for their actual survey. Our trusted accreditation process has led us to a 100% success rate in achieving fully awarded accreditations.

We also offer organization-wide training as part of our consulting engagements. You will have access to more than 50 consultants who will meet with your organization to administer training and education to keep you as experts in the world of STRTPs.

Why Choose MVP Consulting Group for your STRTP Formation?

We are the premier provider of STRTP consultation services nationwide. There is no other firm that offers STRTP formation services to the level and extent that MVP Consulting Group does. We have a proven track record and workflow process that is second-to-none. If you are interested and have aspirations in forming an STRTP of your own or are in the process of forming an STRTP and require assistance, inquire with us today!

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