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Are you thinking of opening a new healthcare center/practice? Are you adding on a new service line or a new partner? Our seasoned financial consulting team can take a healthcare business idea from inception to completion. To achieve your dreams, you need a committed team with whom you can connect with to deliver outstanding results.

Our financial consultants can perform a complete market study that will include current conditions as they exist in your area/practice and forecast revenue for the given project based upon our findings. Our experts will take into consideration such things as population, current patient census, managed care climate and local competition just to name a few. Once revenue potential is established, costs are factored into a complete integrated proforma with future predictions for a 5 year plan. This complete evaluation would give you the necessary information to make an informed decision on the project undertaking.

Based upon our findings, we can establish a 6 month startup budget which includes all financial and operational parameters. It may be necessary to design several models based upon your optional situations. Once a specific model, our team of experts will assist with getting healthcare center or practice operation by offering complimentary services including but not limited to: site selection, licensing, accreditation, staffing and ongoing compliance.

MVP Consulting Group’s step by step process to assisting healthcare entrepreneurs with big endeavors includes:

MVP-program development graphic

Month 1- Healthcare Entrepreneurs engages with MVP Consulting Group

Month 2- Proforma and Market Research Completed

Month 3- Healthcare Entrepreneurs secure site location

Month 4- Licensing Application Completed

Month 5- Licensing Secured/Facility Doors Open + Accreditation Survey Scheduled 

Month 6- Accreditation Secured 

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