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MVP Consulting Group offers professional assessment, training, and implementation services to guide both new and existing hospital organizations seeking Joint Commission (TJC) or Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) accreditation.

Our hands-on implementation services with program and department leaders accelerate progress towards performance and compliance, resulting in better and safer delivery of quality patient care while reducing harm or injury risk.

Our Compliance Assessment and Training Services:

Phase 1 - Pre-Visit Document Assessment and Session Planning

Our team reviews a comprehensive spectrum of documents before arriving to maximize the value of the management team’s time. This includes developing advance plans to address specific concerns and program vulnerabilities and sharing a detailed listing of organization-specific documents that will be reviewed and scored in advance. We also guide clients to develop the optimal meeting and tour schedule of our onsite visit.

Phase 2 - Assessment of the Hospital's Survey-Readiness

We orient and prepare program and department leadership teams for the actual survey process by practicing to verbalize and physically demonstrate compliant performance. We conduct a thorough onsite evaluation and assess the continuity and balance of processes and procedures reflected within written plans, policies, and procedures compared to actual physical performance by staff. We also determine if high volume and/or high-risk procedures within written documents have been incorporated into HR orientation and training sessions.

Phase 3 - Post-Visit Action Plan Reports

Our post-visit Action Plan reporting of findings and recommendations offers concrete and reliable solutions through sample documents, clearly articulated action plans, and decades of experience. We provide recommendations for immediate remediation and improvement that go beyond basic statements of negative compliance and vulnerabilities.

Phase 4 - Training and Implementation Visits

Our implementation visits offer extended hands-on survey readiness implementation services to achieve sustained compliance. We develop a strategic plan of action, confirm implementation priorities, and initiate corrections and modifications to put organizations on the right track to remain compliant with TJC and CMS performance expectations.

At The MVP Consulting Group, we have the commanding experience required to guide your organization to comply with all Joint Commission accreditation and CMS Conditions of Participation performance expectations. In this you will achieve:

  • High reliability patient care
  • Risk reduction 
  • Improved regulatory compliance 
  • Improved clinical outcomes 
  • Improved hospital reimbursement

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Together, we can improve your organization’s environment of care, safety, and quality.

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