The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) is a global leader in ensuring quality amongst human services. For over 50 years, CARF has been providing accreditations through their Aspire to Excellence quality standards and framework.

By choosing CARF and MVP Consulting Group as your trusted partner, rest assured your organization will obtain accreditation and build a reputation that exudes both quality and excellence in the services your organization provides. Our services include:

  • Mock Surveys: Onsite reviews and mock surveys are often the best way to prepare the organization for an actual CARF survey. This service is individualized for each organization and can include pre-survey contact and review of non-confidential documents, orientation conference and facility tour, on-site review of policies and procedures, clinical forms, administrative and program documents, and client records, as well as interviews with governance, leadership, funders, staff, and clients. A finalized report with recommendations and consultations will be provided.
  • Document Development and Review: This service includes writing new policies and procedures and revising existing documents to ensure continued relevancy and conformance to CARF standards. The review also includes identification of inconsistencies and redundancy in processes.
  • Quarterly Records Review: Our CARF consultants are available to provide this on-site or remote service on a quarterly (or more frequent) basis. Written findings will be provided to managers for incorporation into training programs.
  • Survey Design, Administration, and Analysis: Our CARF consultants can simplify the task of soliciting, collecting, and analyzing input from clients and staff by designing and administering surveys, providing a graphic analysis of the results, and writing an outcome report.
  • Pre-Survey Preparation and Mock Surveys: Consulting services can be especially helpful in the month (and days) prior to the survey or re-survey. Our team can assist in the organization of documents and other materials for easy access of the surveyors.
  • Quality Improvement Plan (QIP): Our firm can assist you in completing the QIP within 90 days following notification of the accreditation decision. A good QIP contains interventions that highlight actual and continuous change.

Our CARF consultants serve programs in Aging Services, Behavioral Health, Child and Youth Services, Employment and Community Supports, Opioid Treatment, and Medical Rehabilitation.

If you’re interested in learning more about our CARF consulting services, please contact us.

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