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Are you a substance abuse treatment provider or pharmacy aiming to establish a trustworthy and compliant online presence?

 Look no further!

MVP Consulting Group is your dedicated partner, specializing in comprehensive consulting services tailored specifically for healthcare businesses seeking LegitScript certification.

The Road to LegitScript Certification

If you’ve looked into LegitScript and have been deterred in the past, you’re not alone. LegitScript certification is a very complex process. This is a purposeful decision from the certifying body, and its intention is to ensure that organizations uphold the highest of standards and “best practices” within the substance abuse treatment industry.

Our mission at MVP Consulting Group is to help simplify the process.

At MVP Consulting Group, we streamline your path to certification, ensuring that your team can advertise online and increase your organization’s digital presence! Our seasoned team of experts will assist you in completing your LegitScript application accurately and efficiently. We understand the complexity of the process and provide the guidance you need to navigate it successfully.

How It Works

Our process is simple – we begin by speaking with your organization’s senior leadership, which allows us to assess your current needs. Over the course of our introductory call, an MVP consultant will determine what needs to be done to achieve certification. The process is streamlined through a gap analysis of the organization’s current processes in comparison to the end product needed for success. A work plan will be developed based on the results of the gap analysis. This allows us to make changes and ensure success before you spend the time, effort, and money required to apply. 

MVP Consulting Group maintains a direct relationship with LegitScript, enabling us to ensure quick response times. Our close collaboration with LegitScript sets us apart, allowing us to expedite the application processing time from months down to weeks.

MVP Consulting Group is with you every step of the way. We help you compile all of the necessary documentation – including written policies, description of services, and proof of liability insurance – so that you do not spend months going back and forth with LegitScript. In addition to serving as the point of contact between LegitScript and your organization, our experts will help craft new procedures and provide technical guidance to your organization to secure certification.

Unlike other companies, we do not disappear after your organization receives LegitScript certification. The MVP Consulting Group offers ongoing analysis and coaching to aid your organization in maintaining and keeping your new certification!

LegitScript Consultants:

MVP Consulting Group specializes in healthcare licensing and accreditation. We understand the nuances of behavioral healthcare certification/accreditation and regulatory compliance. As the nation’s premier behavioral healthcare consulting firm, we are ready to assist you in your journey to licensure, accreditation, and LegitScript certification. Contact us today to get started.

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