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Jessica Dejulio

Senior Behavioral Health Consultant

Jessica DeJulio is a skilled and experienced professional in the behavioral health and substance abuse treatment industry. With over ten years of experience, she has worked in different departments, which has given her a diverse range of knowledge and skills. Jessica’s focus is on applying regulatory compliance in a practical manner, with the aim of achieving quality of care, effective workflow, and efficient company procedures. Jessica is knowledgeable about several areas, including Joint Commission (TJC) standards, DHCS Licensing & certification, credentialing with Insurance, in-network application, negotiation & contracting, Legitscript accreditation, HR management, and overall business operation. She has a thorough understanding of the Joint Commission’s standards and the DHCS licensing and certification process, from application to biennial renewal. She can create company policies and procedures, build EMR system templates, and set up compliant case file components. Jessica is also skilled in providing in-service training and orientation for staff, covering all required topics such as safety & emergency management, infection control, COVID, client rights & confidentiality (HIPAA & 42CFR Part 2), and cultural competency. Jessica has a proven track record of success, having achieved TJC accreditation and DHCS license and certification for over 20 facilities with a 100% success rate. She also provides general business consulting services for behavioral health and substance abuse facilities, including detox, residential, PHP, and IOP. In summary, Jessica DeJulio is a professional who has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the behavioral health and substance abuse treatment industry. Her expertise covers various areas, and she is committed to assisting facilities in achieving regulatory compliance while providing high-quality care to their clients.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Joint Commission (Behavioral Health)
  • Department of Health Care Licensing
  • Legit Script
  • Substance Use Disorder Recovery Programs
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